New Items: Hand Gun Concealment Units

I am introducing a new product line—hand gun concealment units.

The first style features a top unit with a lift-off lid. The bottom of the compartment is lined with a suede material, suitable for jewelry and small collectables. The unit as a whole poses as a jewelry box, taking attention away from a slide out drawer on the side. This drawer has foam material in which you can trace your own hand gun and set inside the material. The foam has 1/8” layers, so you can set the piece to a satisfactory depth.

The second style is similar, in that it has a top compartment suitable for jewelry, keys, or any everyday items. This too, comes across as a jewelry box. Underneath, however, is a hidden compartment, complete with a foam insert. This is not intended necessarily for quick access, but a beautiful storage piece for jewelry and a prized firearm.

The third style has display in mind. The top is attached with earth magnets and is easily removed. The main box has a foam insert which holds many handgun sizes. Place a small photo or other item(s) on the top and it’s not likely anyone will think you have your prized piece inside.

These units can be made to order with specific dimensions. Made in the USA!

Thank you for visiting.

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