The Cremation Urn Returns

Recently, I was contacted by a customer to whom I had sold an urn. She wanted to spread the remains of her partner after the ceremony and keep the urn as a memorial, and to store precious, personal items. Unfortunately, she forgot to tell the funeral director not to seal the urn.

My new job was to saw the lid from the box. The ashes were sealed in thick plastic, so I had no worries of loose ashes spilling. Because the lid had an overhang, I would have to apply double stick tape around the base of the box near the bottom edges in order to make the cut on a table saw. This task seemed tedious and risky, so I decided to use a Japanese hand saw.

All went smoothly, or almost smoothly. I had to clean up the saw marks on the lid and the top of the box, but I could not have been more pleased on how well the job went.

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